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FBI lies to Congress Again!

During a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that America would be in a “better place” if social media companies took more responsibility for the misuse of their platforms.

Wray said that in response to Senator Richard Blumenthal, about what the FBI can do to address the use of social media to incite violence and whether tech companies were doing enough to prevent attacks.

Those who participated in the January 6 riot at the US Capitol are said to have mobilized and organized through social media, and the event has been used to justify calls for a social media crackdown.

According to Wray, social media companies can do more to moderate content that violates their community standards.

"We tried to work with the social media companies and there are things that they can and do using their terms of service and violations of their terms of service to take accounts down and things like that," Wray said.

"But there is, I think, a phenomenon ...

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